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Webisodics and Celtx

May 26, 2011

Celtx is an ideal tool for developing webisodics and moving them into preproduction.

To begin with, script management using traditional tools such as Final Draft can get cumbersome. Do you maintain separate Final Draft files for each webisode? Do you combine them all together into one file?

Celtx’s “project file” reconceptualizes a file as a “satchel” that can contain multiple scripts, outlines, storyboards, catalogs and more. Each webisode script can be one item in the file’s Project Library. Each script can have its own index card outline. Any prose treatments or outlines composed in Word or OpenOffice can be added to the library. (We can also easily compose outlines in Celtx itself, using the Novel-writing template.)

If research media is helpful, we’ll be able to collect this in a central location and refer to it from any script, outline or storyboard we’re working in.

We can begin building shared catalogs in the project file, tracking characters, locations, props and so on. Tagging elements will accelerate because so much data will accumulate in the master catalog. And this will aid the script breakdowns we do for every webisode.

Celtx allows us to build separate storyboards for each script, and construct animatic playback of the storyboards.

We can also compile separate production schedules for individual scripts — and still maintain them in a single project file.

Webisodics are typically created by small production teams, and the addition of a Celtx Studio (an extremely low-cost collaborative project management platform) can ease collaboration and review of scripts, storyboards, catalogs and schedules.

Webisodics are a 21st-century artform, and 21st-century software like Celtx can help facilitate their authoring and production.

Mastering Celtx provides comprehensive coverage of Celtx’s features. You can find the book on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If you’ve authored scripts but never experimented with Celtx before, now is the time to try something new.

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