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Project Previews in Celtx Studios

July 23, 2011

One of the unsung features of Celtx Studios is Project Preview.

As background for those new to Celtx and/or Celtx Studios: Celtx Studios provides an extremely low-cost collaboration and project management platform for production shops, classes, or any other collaborative media teams. While it isn’t quite Basecamp, it may be all that a small production team needs.

Having a client review developing pre-production content is always a challenge, however (and this is true regardless of the software you use). Do you set the client up with your authoring package (in general, clients don’t like your fiddling with their computers)? Do you ask them to download and install Celtx and learn how to use it?

The solution is triggering a Project Preview, which will neatly lay out all content (script, index cards, treatment, research links, media assets, etc.) in a browser window and provide a clickable (but secure) URL for access to the preview. A set of navigation links will automatically be compiled within the preview’s homepage: no authoring needed.

You can easily set up a username and password for the client within your studio (typically setting them up as a user with viewing — but not editing — rights), and have the client preview the scope and totality of your work all within a secure browser window.

If you’re already using Celtx Studios, you should definitely check out Project Preview. If you’re running a production shop and have previously struggled with compiling pre-production materials for a client, this might be a perfect solution for you.

If you’re an instructor using Celtx Studios in the classroom, you may find that Project Preview is the best way for students to submit a final project: consolidating all of a Celtx project’s library elements into a single destination that is more easily reviewable.

Chapter 15 of Mastering Celtx (which you can find on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble) discusses Project Preview in more depth. The book explores all of Celtx’s features so that you can maximize the software and let your creativity flow…

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