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Celtx Is For Creating Media, Not Screenplays

April 16, 2012

Reflecting my interest in 21st century storytelling, I’m in the midst of shepherding Santa Fe University of Art and Design’s annual Outdoor Vision Fest (OVF), devoted to cutting-edge environmental projections, video mapping, and interactive media as well as single-channel work all displayed at night on architectural surfaces.

Celtx is not in the toolchest for these kinds of media projects and installations, right?


Celtx, of course, is an excellent tool for conceptualizing, scripting, storyboarding and production-scheduling single-channel work (whether animation or live-action or a combination). But it can certainly be used for pre-production of interactive media, video-mapping projections, and other kinds of media work. Often, even these projects have scripted content — and Celtx allows for composition of proposals, full-blown outlines, artist’s statements, funding requests, and other text. Storyboarding can be even more important for these media experiences, and milestone and delivery scheduling remains equally important.

The ability to easily move across different devices is a huge plus: a student can show his professor or his mom the project on his iPhone, iPad or Droid tablet, and get immediate feedback. (And then have the project available on any lab computer on campus, without worrying about physical media.)

Mastering Celtx can show you all the ins and outs of using Celtx for concept development, storyboarding, scheduling and more — across desktop, laptop and mobile devices. Celtx’s legacy studio remains a good platform for small production teams working closely together on projects.

21st century screenwriting is not restricted to 20th century two-dimensional rectangular screens for delivery of content. Site-specific, location-based, 3-dimensional, virtual world and transmedia experiences all require content conceptualization and preproduction development. Celtx is a flexible tool that can serve any and all of these delivery platforms.

(Want to be a part of OVF 2012, even if you’re nowhere near New Mexico? Use Twitter and include the hashtag #ovf2012 in your tweet. An environmental projection will include your tweet the night of April 27. That’s real-time screenwriting!)

  1. I understand the angle you are taking with the blog post, but I think the “clever” title may come back to haunt you! 😛

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