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Latest news – MASTERING CELTX Kindle edition

May 9, 2012

Amazon and Cengage Publishing are currently renegotiating their deal, and until this is ratified, Mastering Celtx is only available in print. 😦

I’ll let you know as soon as I’m aware of the Kindle edition reemerging.


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  1. Just checked. Still no kindle version. My wall to wall bookshelf is full and I have sworn off buying any more physical books.

  2. Hmm, they want four dollars more for the electronic version than for the paper one? That’s a first. What’s up with that? I buy eBooks to save both money and shelf space.

    • The paperback is severely discounted on Amazon currently, hence the differential. But it seems to be more of a trend these days: eBooks will save shelf space, but I don’t think they’re a continued guarantee of saving money. The publisher sets the price; not something I have control over!

  3. I don’t understand the economics, it is a lot cheaper to download a stream of data than to print real books. Maybe the publisher is clearing out their inventory and then going all electronic. At any rate, I probably will give it a read, since I use Celtx. Cheers.

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