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New Celtx Edge Features

July 11, 2012

Since our July 4 review, Celtx Edge has added several new features:

  • Direct Final Draft to Celtx file conversion (this is big)
  • Drag-and-drop uploading (nice, for those of us used to this in Google Docs)
  • Modest improvements to the script editor interface

The first new feature makes it easy for a Final Draft user to dip his/her toes into Celtx waters, and if you’re inheriting a script from someone using Final Draft (or reviving a script you previously composed in Final Draft), this makes it easy to start working in Celtx right away.

(As Mastering Celtx describes in Chapter 2, you could move from Final Draft to desktop Celtx, but it meant you had to first convert the Final Draft file into a text-with-layout file, then import the text file into Celtx.)

Note that this is only for Final Draft version 8 files (the .FDX file format); I would doubt that Celtx Edge will reach back to older versions of the Final Draft file format (so if you’ve got a version 6 or 7 file, you’ll still need to use the methodology described in Chapter 2 of Mastering Celtx).

Here’s the full announcement of the latest new features.

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