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Celtx Script for OS X (i.e., Mac desktops and laptops)

December 23, 2012

Celtx has just released Celtx Script for OS X, downloadable at the Mac App Store (for $9.99 or £6.99 in the UK). This has created some confusion about whether this is now replacing the free desktop Celtx client that has been around for years (and is thoroughly explored in Mastering Celtx).

Celtx Script for OS X is essentially identical to the Celtx Script app that’s been available for iOS and Android for awhile.

Why in the world pay 10 bucks (or 7 quid), when you can get an alternative for free? I think the primary reasons are if:

  1. Your prior experience with Celtx has solely been mobile, via Celtx Free and Celtx Script apps — you’ve never used desktop Celtx; and
  2. You have no interest in many of desktop Celtx’s features: you don’t want to storyboard, breakdown a script, add reference media (whether graphical or textual), or put together a production schedule.

For users who began working with Celtx Script on an iPad or Android tablet, the addition of Celtx Script on a desktop or laptop Mac may make the most sense (the cost, after all, is still quite minimal) — rather than platforming to the different, sometimes more challenging environment of desktop Celtx or switching to the all-cloud Celtx Free. Celtx Script for OS X is snappy in responsiveness and ultra-streamlined — which some writers find preferable.

For example, Celtx Script users may find themselves working on a desktop Mac in the office — and an iPad the remainder of their time (or, the reverse!). The addition of Celtx Script for OS X creates a fully unified authoring environment for those users — and the goal, of course, is to work as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Some cooks like having every gadget in the kitchen; others prefer doing everything with the Cuisinart. What’s most important is knowing how you work and what will work best for you!

(We’ll see if Celtx might offer a discounted bundled price for the iOS and OS X apps; this would seem to make a lot of sense!)

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  1. Thanks for posting this, very helpful ! (liked)

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