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Celtx and Paper Edits

March 30, 2013

“Paper edits” are scripts created from transcriptions of captured footage (interview footage, archival material, etc.), capturing time code and content while structuring narrative. Celtx is a terrific tool for creating paper edits.

As a professional screenwriter who currently teaches undergraduate screenwriting, it’s not unusual for me to be asked to conceptualize and script a quick promotional or informational video. I use a number of Celtx tools for creating my paper edits.

  • Desktop Celtx gives me the most robust editing features, as I begin a “raw” paper edit in an A/V format while watching compiled video clips. The Celtx project file allows me to build a library of project items — from the “raw” capture to a 1st draft script to a polished script, along with other notes if necessary.
  • As I begin shifting around and editing the video segments to construct narrative, while adding B-roll shots to enhance the visuals, Celtx Script allows me to work anywhere using an iPad or iPhone.
  • Celtx cloud services allows me to store the project file and access it from any device, any time. I’m never chained to a particular computer or mobile device.

Mastering Celtx covers all things desktop Celtx and mobile Celtx — and discusses using the A/V format and maximizing the features of the project library. If you need to put together a quick (and coherent!) video using iPhone or DSLR (or any other) footage, Celtx is worth checking out.

  1. Can someone PLEASE HELP me. I got a new computer, put Celtx on it and lost my previouly saved latest version of my stage play. I then bought Celtx Edge which has caused me nothing but grief. I cannot get any help from them by emailing them. Today I was rewriting my script for 8 hours. The save button worked intermittently, then I did PDF which I cannot open because it’s XML. When I went back to the script it was changed back to where I started.

    I’m so perplexed and confused, I just don’t know what to do. I just can’t say how very much I’m disappointed in Celtx.

    Does Celtx have a phone number? I have not been able to find it. If someone would contact me it would be a Godsend.

    • Celtx doesn’t have a phone support number; I would again contact their email support AND get on the Celtx forum to delineate your issues.

      It’s unclear if you’re also using desktop Celtx (or Celtx Script on the Mac) in conjunction with Celtx Edge. I would recommend doing so, as desktop Celtx is still more robust than Edge. And this way, you can always save both to the cloud and to your local drive.

      Not sure why your saving is intermittent (in Celtx Edge, saving is automatic). And I’d try saving to PDF again, as the output really shouldn’t be XML.

      Celtx Edge does maintain a history of file revisions, so you should be able to roll back to an earlier (more complete?) version.

      Not sure if any of this helped, but good luck and I hope you resolve the issues.

      • Thank you for your reply. I don’t know if it’s my new computer that got corrupted a week after I got it or not. I wiped everything out and started all over again. I’m so frustrated with Celtx lack of support. I’ve emailed them at least 10 times in a week…absolutely no reply. I don’t know how to access the previous files you talk about. I went to my other computer to my older version of Celtx and am rewriting in that. If anyone could ever call me and walk me through some of this, it would be nice.
        In the mean time I think I’m going to send this new computer back and get another one that hopefully is not corrupt.
        Thank you so much.
        Fran Nixon

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