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Global Celtx

August 29, 2013

One of the pluses of Celtx, of course, is the localization of the desktop client: the downloadable executable is available in several dozen languages.

I teach at a university that actively recruits students from outside the U.S. We have Mexican, Costa Rican, Spanish, Brazilian and Turkish students, to name just a sampling of nationalities. Many are already familiar with Celtx, and the rest adapt to Celtx quickly because they can be interacting with it in their native language.

Celtx Free and Celtx Edge are, of course, also localized — due to the apps’ residency within the browser.

For faculty teaching students from multiple countries, or for small production teams crossing borders and cultures, Celtx can be a particularly powerful authoring tool to consolidate on.

Mastering Celtx will guide you through use of the Celtx desktop client, as well as several Celtx apps. You’ll have to read the book in English — but that doesn’t stop you from working in the Spanish-language version of Celtx!

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