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The first book comprehensively covering Celtx, the Celtx Script mobile app, Celtx Studios and Celtx Cloud Services. This blog will further explore the book, the companion website, additional resources, and the continuing evolution of Celtx across devices.

Latest news – MASTERING CELTX Kindle edition

Amazon and Cengage Publishing are currently renegotiating their deal, and until this is ratified, Mastering Celtx is only available in print. šŸ˜¦

I’ll let you know as soon as I’m aware of the Kindle edition reemerging.


MASTERING CELTX – Kindle edition

The Kindle edition of Mastering Celtx seems to have (temporarily, I hope) disappeared. I’m checking with my publisher on this and will pass on any news I have!

Celtx Is For Creating Media, Not Screenplays

Reflecting my interest in 21st century storytelling, I’m in the midst of shepherding Santa Fe University of Art and Design’s annual Outdoor Vision Fest (OVF), devoted to cutting-edge environmental projections, video mapping, and interactive media as well as single-channel work all displayed at night on architectural surfaces.

Celtx is not in the toolchest for these kinds of media projects and installations, right?


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Celtx Version 2.9.7 Available for Download

Gaaahhh! Yet another new version of Celtx available for download, this one more fully supporting novel writing by including cloud sync services for users of the novel template (which, as Mastering Celtx discusses, can be used for any prose-writing project, including outlines, treatments, grant proposals, PR blurbs, short stories, and more). Read more…

Desktop Celtx version 2.9.6 rolls out!

Gaaahhh! They’ve already rolled out another iteration of Celtx: version 2.9.6, incremented a fraction of an integer due to user feedback on the new generation of Celtx.

Reviews of Celtx’s mobile upgrades and big push into the cloud are definitely on the horizon; stay tuned!

Desktop Celtx version 2.9.5 – First Impressions

For starters, you don’t need to throw out your Mastering Celtx book — in fact, Mastering Celtx remains as useful as ever.

In order to download the brand new version of Celtx, you’ll need to set up an account with This will bring you into Celtx’s new “cloud space,” which will be superceding Celtx Studios. Once you’re into Celtx, you’ll be able to download the new version (2.9.5), which proceeds like any typical software download.

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Celtx Script for Android Now Available

Celtx Script for the Android platform is out, and you can get version 1.1 of it here in the Android Market.

Celtx Media Release – the new Celtx

Celtx introduces freeĀ cloud servicesĀ for filmmakers.

For the first time, filmmakers and others with a passion for storytelling can write anywhere, anytime, and always work off the latest draft.

Celtx has just made the jump from the desktop to the cloud. With it, storytellers are now free to write, collaborate, and store work in their own personal space in the cloud, plus sync scripts among desktop and mobile devices.
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Celtx Next Gen

Celtx has announced that they’re rolling out new versions of virtually all their apps over the next few weeks. Needless to say, it’s always exciting to see what the next step is in a software package, and this is a big deal for any of us involved in almost any aspect of media pre-production.

Mastering Celtx will get its hands dirty with the new versions and report back on this blog — so stay tuned for further posts exploring new and changed Celtx features.

Celtx Studio, Celtx Script and Pre-Production Workflow

A visit this week to the Film Program at Santa Fe Community College (SFCC), specifically Film 239, Producing and Directing the Independent Film. Not surprisingly, students were particularly interested in how Celtx facilitated the pre-production workflow by enabling script breakdowns and the generation of production reports. (Of course, all of that is explored in great detail in chapters 5, 7 and 11 of Mastering Celtx).

Since I had just scripted a 90-second promotional video for my university department, it was easy to pull up the script in the Celtx Studio I’m currently using this semester, and demonstrate breaking down the script, filling out breakdown sheets, and generating script reports and production reports.

Tomorrow I judge a business video competition being held more than an hour away: while being driven to the host hotel, I’ll be able to revise the promo script using the Celtx Script app. (Always try to be chauffeured places: you’ll be more productive!)

One of the Film 239 students asked: “Why bother using anything but Celtx for script development and script breakdowns?” And if you’re an indy media maker, that’s the right question to ask. Mastering Celtx will detail the answer.

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